The documents presented here are for the use of our customers.


Cryogenic Isolators – A flyer summarizing our Cryogenic Isolators product line.

Isolators – A flyer summarizing our Faraday Rotation Isolators product line.

Hybrid Circulators – A flyer summarizing our Hybrid Circulators product line.

Y-junction Circulators – A flyer summarizing our Y-junction Circulators product line.

Variable Attenuators – A flyer summarizing our Variable Attenuators product line.

White Papers

Determining Maximum Power Ratings for Isolators – This document describes one aspect of MHC’s superior isolator performance through analysis of thermal models that demonstrate the maximum safe power ratings for Faraday rotation isolators.

Diamond Heatsink Technology – A brief description of how we use diamond substrates to channel heat from resistive loads in our isolators.

The Impact of Stray Magnetic Fields on MMW Isolators – Are all Faraday rotation isolators sensitive to the presence of external magnetic fields? The answer may surprise you.

Isolators Designed for Low Insertion Loss – This document describes how we design our millimeter-wave isolators to achieve the industry’s lowest insertion loss.

Recent Advancements in mm-wave Isolator Technology – Reprint of a Microwave Journal article highlighting Micro Harmonics isolator technology.


Terms and Conditions of Sales

EM Spectrum – A one page graphic illustrating the EM spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays.

Drop-In Isolators – Drop-in isolators are designed to be integrated into a customer’s waveguide block.

Diamond Heatsink Technology (Flyer) – A description of how adding a diamond heatsink to an isolator multiplies its power handling capability.

Isolators Designed for Low Insertion Loss (Flyer) – A brief summary of why Micro Harmonics isolator designs provide the lowest insertion loss.

Isolators Resistant to Stray Magnetic Fields (Flyer) – Why is it that Micro Harmonics isolators do not require magnetic sheathes to redirect stray fields? It’s all in the design.

Ka Band Faraday Rotation Isolators (Flyer) – What is so special about a Ka-band isolator? See our compact, low loss, high power design.

Making Compact Isolators Even Smaller (Flyer) – We are redesigning our isolators to allow for internal waveguide screw access. No more need for waveguides to connect to adjacent components.

Unique Solutions (Flyer) – We listen to our customers, learn about their needs, and design innovative solutions.

Working with NASA to Develop Unique MMW Components (Flyer) – With NASA SBIR’s Micro Harmonics has turned research into market solutions.

WR-2.8 Faraday Rotation Isolators (Flyer) – Coming soon: The world’s first WR-2.8 Faraday rotation isolator covering 260-400 GHz.

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