Micro Harmonics offers a complete line of Faraday rotation isolators covering 25-400 GHz in every standard waveguide band from WR-28 through WR‑2.8. These isolators exhibit state-of-the-art performance in terms of low-insertion loss, broad-bandwidth, low port reflections, and the highest frequency coverage in the industry. They are the most advanced isolators on the market today.

“The compact size, extremely low insertion loss, and the wide bandwidth have allowed us to use isolators in a wider variety of our systems than was previously possible and have led to significant improvements in key system performance metrics such as source power and sensitivity.”

Jeffrey Hesler, Ph.D.
CTO, Virginia Diodes

“They had an isolator with the single most important parameter I needed, low insertion loss. They were ultimately able to select one with just 1.2 dB loss at 240 GHz, which is pretty phenomenal.”

Curt Dunnam, Director of Operations
ACERT National Biomedical Center at Cornell

The graph below gives a good illustration of how our insertion loss compares to the traditional isolators offered by other vendors. Our insertion loss in the WR-3.4 band is less than 2 dB! Join the many companies who are using our isolators in their systems and seeing tangible improvements in system performance.

Model Flange
Insertion Loss
(dB, typ)
(dB, typ)
*Max Power
FR280 WR-28 26 – 40 0.5 25 5
FR188 WR-19 40 – 60 Coming 4
FR148 WR-15 50 – 75 0.6 25 1.7
FR122 WR-12 60 – 90 0.8 25 1.5
FR100 WR-10 75 – 110 0.8 30 1.3
FR100M2 WR-10 75 – 110 0.8 30 1.3
FR90 WR-9 82 – 122 1.0 24 1.1
FR80 WR-8 90 – 140 0.9 30 0.9
FR65 WR-6.5 110 – 170 1.0 24 0.8
FR51 WR-5.1 140 – 220 1.4 25 0.6
FR43 WR-4.3 170 – 260 1.5 20 0.4
FR34 WR-3.4 220 – 330 2.0 25 0.3
FR28 WR-2.8 260 – 400 2.3 (preliminary) 25 0.3
*The maximum power ratings are conservative and will be revised upward in the coming year.

A typical specification sheet is shown below. Every component is thoroughly RF tested and the data for each individual component is shared with the customer. Our isolators employ a unique diamond heatsink for improved power handling and reliability. All our products are fully warranted. We design and manufacture all our products in the United States. Yet with all these advantages, our components remain competitively priced.