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Flange ID Tool

A handy Tool for the lab bench

Our flange ID tools are designed to quickly identify waveguide flanges from WR-15 to WR-0.65. The tool comprises a microscope with adjustable zoom from 20X to 40X, adjustable focus, LED illumination, and a reticle. The reticle has features that identify the waveguide flange. A pair of waveguide flange alignment pinholes is located at the bottom of the microscope.

How It Works

When the microscope is held to a lighted background with no flange attached, all of the features on the reticle are visible as shown in the image on this page. When the microscope is attached to a waveguide flange, the area on the interior of the waveguide will go dark since there is no reflecting surface. For example, the graphic on the right shows the illuminated reticle with the microscope attached to a WR-8 waveguide flange. Although the markings for the 15, 12, 10 and 6.5 are still visible, only the "8" marker spans the exact length of the broad-wall of the waveguide thus identifying the flange as WR-8. Check out the flange ID tool user manual to learn more about the product.

Flange ID Tool Information