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Micro Harmonics produces high-quality millimeter wave products including millimeter wave isolators operating from 25-400 GHz, millimeter wave circulators, and millimeter wave voltage variable attenuators. These are the most technologically advanced millimeter wave products on the market today. They are optimized for extended bandwidth and the industry’s lowest insertion loss. Our WR-3.4 isolators have typical insertion loss of less than 2 dB in the band 220-330 GHz! Our patent-pending hybrid circulator achieves 10x the bandwidth of a traditional Y-junction circulator! We also manufacture cryogenic millimeter wave isolators optimized for cryogenic applications. All our ferrite components are 100% made in the USA and can be sole sourced in US government acquisitions.


The Best Millimeter Wave Products – Micro Harmonics

  • Lowest insertion loss

  • Highest power rating

  • RF test data for every unit

Our Guarantee: No two MMW components have the same exact frequency response. Unique signatures arise from small misalignments and variations in the internal parts. The differences can be substantial. Max, Min, and typical specs are helpful, but what you need to see are the actual test data for the components you are buying. Micro Harmonics tests every component across the full waveguide band on a vector network analyzer. We supply the test data to the customer at no additional cost. Don’t settle for anything less.

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Millimeter Wave Products



Building the Future with NASA

Micro Harmonics is proud to partner with NASA to develop some of the best millimeter wave products on the market.

Millimeter-wave Hybrid Circulators

Micro Harmonics has developed a series of hybrid circulator ranging from 54-333 GHz. The R&D effort was funded through a NASA Phase I and II SBIR contract. The dominant circulator topology in the millimeter-wave (MMW) spectrum is the Y-junction. There are very few commercial Y-junction circulators available above 100 GHz and those tend to have bandwidths near 1-2 GHz. Our hybrid circulator is not a Y-junction, but utilizes a patent pending topology which provides wideband capabilities. For example, the WR-6.5 hybrid circulator operates across the entire 118-150 GHz band. The hybrid circulator topology has the added benefit that it can be configured to attenuate signals travelling from the receiver (Rx) port to the transmitter (Tx) port.

Cryogenic Isolators for MMW Frequencies

Micro Harmonics developed a line of cryogenic  millimeter wave isolators under NASA research contracts that ran from 2019-2021. Cryogenic isolators have been developed in every standard waveguide band from WR-15 (50-75 GHz) to WR-5.1 (140-220 GHz).

Additionally, a line of voltage variable attenuators was developed in the bands WR-15 through WR-10 with plans to develop attenuators in WR-8 and WR-6.5. The attenuators use the physics of Faraday rotation to cover full waveguide bands.

MMW Isolators with Ultra-Low Loss

Micro Harmonics developed a line of ultra-low insertion loss isolators under NASA research contracts that ran from 2015-2018. The isolators cover full waveguide bands from WR-28 (26-40 GHz) through WR-2.8 (260-400 GHz). They have the lowest insertion loss in the industry with less than 2 dB in the WR-3.4 band. Our isolators also have the industry’s smallest form factor. They employ diamond heat spreaders for improved power handling and are resistant to stray magnetic fields.

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Micro Harmonics waveguide components are used in a wide variety of commercial and government applications. NASA uses them in earth and planetary atmospheric observation systems. Our millimeter wave products are used in military applications such as compact range radar, imaging, covert communication, and chemical and bio-agent detection. Our waveguide components are also useful in a wide variety of scientific instrumentation for plasma diagnostics (ITER), chemical spectroscopy, biomaterial analysis, radio astronomy, biomedical systems, portal security scanners, high-frequency data links, and much more.

Micro Harmonics is proud to provide the technology our military, scientific community, and medical providers use to save lives, protect lives, and learn more about the world and universe in which we live. Contact Micro Harmonics today to learn more about our innovative millimeter wave products.