Micro Harmonics specializes in ferrite components for use at millimeterwave frequencies from 25-400 GHz.

Every product that we make offers unique capabilities that distinguish it from any competing technology. See our differentiators below. Our components find use in a wide range of MMW systems including test & measurement equipment, portal security, telecommunications, scanners, and radar.


Our millimeter-wave ferrite components are the most advanced in the global market. Our isolators have the industry’s lowest insertion loss by a wide margin. They employ diamond heatsinks, giving them the highest power handling capability on the market. Micro Harmonics has developed a full line of isolators optimized for cryogenic applications.
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Our Y-junction circulators have the lowest insertion loss and broadest bandwidth in the industry. Our patented millimeter-wave hybrid circulators have an order of magnitude higher bandwidth than traditional Y-junction circulators and are thus an enabling technology for broadband telecommunications and radar applications.
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Micro Harmonics has developed a line of voltage variable attenuators for mm-Wave systems based on the physics of Faraday rotation. They offer improved power handling and higher bandwidth than other available technologies.
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Customers use our products when they need the absolute highest performance in their mmwave systems. Micro Harmonics has a unique and sophisticated test and measurement facility with all of the equipment necessary to make comprehensive vector measurements from a few hundred MHz to over 400 GHz. We provide RF test data for each and every component that we ship.

Company Data         

Micro Harmonics was founded as a millimeter-wave (MMW) design consultancy in 2008. The company currently employs seven people. In 2015 the company began developing a line of ferrite components for NASA. The initial components were high-frequency MMW isolators and circulators used to suppress standing waves and direct signal flow in MMW systems. In 2018 the product line was expanded to include cryogenic MMW isolators and voltage variable attenuators. These components were targeted for NASA instrumentation but also find wide application in the commercial, scientific, and military sectors.

In 2020, Micro Harmonics invented and patented an all new MMW hybrid circulator with significantly higher bandwidth than the previous state-of-the-art. This component will enable ultra-broadband telecommunications links for emerging 5G/6G applications.


Micro Harmonics has been working with NASA to turn research in MMW market solutions since 2015. MHC has been awarded six SBIR’s to develop state-of-the-art ferrite components for MMW and THz systems. Every SBIR has resulted in a fully commercialized product line: compact wide band waveguide Faraday rotation isolators optimized for either room temperature or cryogenic applications, wide band Y-junction circulators, voltage variable attenuators, and our patented hybrid circulators.

According to the SBIR/STTR Commercialization Report to Congress (9/15/14), “A significant advantage to Phase I/II award winners is that Federal agencies may pursue sole source (emphasis added) contracts to utilize technology developed through prior SBIR/STTR awards which automatically qualify as a Phase III activity.”

Government NASA SBIR Contracts

Year Contract Technical Monitor
2015 NNX15CP37P
2016 NNX16CP07C
2017 80NSSC18P2018
2018 80NSSC19C0148
2019 80NSSC20C0410
2021 80NSSC21C0489 TBD


International Cryogenic Customers

Micro Harmonics was asked by an international institution to develop a cryogenic isolator in a non-traditional band (W-9, 82-123 GHz) for both room temperature and cryogenic applications. These isolators are also useful for multiplier chains in THz systems.

MHC has designed a very low profile cryogenic isolator in W-band for a radio telescope receiver in Europe. Our miniature isolator design allows for over thirty adjacent isolators to fit into the system. Unlike standard isolators, MHC isolators are not affected by external magnetic fields, so they are a perfect solution for a tight system requiring adjacent units.

Leaders in
MMW and THz Devices

Virginia Diodes (VDI) uses Micro Harmonics isolators in their line of MMW frequency extension modules. VDI is a world leader in test and measurement equipment and is a supplier of frequency extenders for Keysight PNA’s. MHC is proud to have our components in VDI products. Dr. Jeffrey Hesler, CTO,

Research Institutions

We have also sold products to NASA JPL, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), European Space Agency (ESA), Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), University of Chicago, Harvard Smithsonian, MIT, Cal State University, SLAC, Stanford University, Cornell ACERT Lab, Northeastern University, Institute of Electronics Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN), Institut National d’Optique (INO)

Other Notable Customers

Farran, Low Noise Factory, Northrop Grumman, Teledyne, Spacek Labs