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Advantages of the Hybrid Circulator


Advantages of the Hybrid Circulator Introduction Circulators are 3 port components that couple power in a circulating fashion: power from port 1 is coupled to port 2, from port 2 to port 3, and from port 3 to port 1. Circulators are widely deployed in communications and radar systems because they enable a system architecture [...]

Advantages of the Hybrid Circulator2023-04-28T19:23:38+00:00

What is Faraday Rotation?


Faraday Rotation: What is it? Most microwave engineers have not studied ferrite components even if they have taken microwave engineering graduate classes. If you did take a microwave engineering course, the chapter about ferrimagnetic components was most likely near the end of the book, and you probably were glad of it! After all, every component [...]

What is Faraday Rotation?2023-04-28T19:25:13+00:00
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